Weighbridge boosts safety at Gundagai caravan park

Park patrons will enjoy safer travels thanks to a new weighbridge installed at Gundagai Cabins and Tourist Park.

Designed for ease of use, the scale rests flat ready to drive on, as directed by the onscreen display.

Weighbridge at Gundagai

“It had to be accurate, says park director Duncan Grady.

We didn’t want it to involve any reversing or difficult manoeuvres to access the scales.”

For a small fee, park patrons can measure their car’s weight, tow ball down weight, caravan weight and individual axles.

“We [also] provide a spec sheet to assist you in calculating your various weights,” Duncan explains.

Mid-trip is the perfect time to check your weight says Duncan, especially if you’re sporting extra gas bottles, extra water and solar panels synonymous with remote area travel.

“Our weighbridge is located on our exit driveway so you can weigh on your way out and get a true idea of your actual travelling weight,” says Duncan.

Safety concerns and a spike in roadside weight checks prompted the year-long search for the right scale.