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About Us

For 10 years, journeying throughout Australia, gracious hosts welcome us-the team at What’s Up Downunder-into their homes, to show us what makes their town and region so special.

And after a long day pounding the tarmac, it is almost always the friendly team at the local caravan or tourist park who greets us as we arrive ahead of our adventures.

So, to celebrate their hospitality, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite caravan and holiday parks on holidayparksdownunder.com.au.

Our reach extends from Australia and New Zealand, with the help of our great mates at Family Parks tourist park group, whom we consider to be the pet-friendliest.

Online, you’ll find video reviews, top travelling tips, and of course, caravan park reviews to help you plan your next holiday.

Search by state, region and site requirement, with the confidence you’ll be booking direct with the park.