Ballot system ‘intended’ for consolidated Rye Foreshore camping

A ballot system to manage campsite bookings at the Rye Foreshore Camping Reserve could be on the cards, says the preliminary Rye Foreshore Landscape Strategy, released for the Rye Township Plan.

The document claims the foreshore camping team at Mornington Peninsula Shire Council is “intending” to introduce a new system prior to implementing two new campground layouts, West and East of Rye Pier.

Rye Pier

Although preliminary, the document reflects Council’s intent to remove camping between Lyons and Weir streets, per the Rye Township Plan.

The document also advocates for fewer but larger campsites at the Western Campground, improved buffers between sites and upgraded water, power, sullage and security.

Council hopes the ballot system will allay campers’ concerns at the new plan and provide an equitable outcome for all campers, the document claims.


A spokesperson for the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council says the published document is ‘subject to change’.

“The priority of the plan is to provide an improved camping experience for both campers and the Rye community. Council hasn’t determined the operating model at this stage.”

According to current timelines published on the Council website, the campground configuration will occur between May 2022-November 2022.

*Updated to include Council commentary.