Bush trails and outdoor recreation drive BIG4 Wye River expansion

Rarely do we hear about a holiday park growing its footprint without increasing site numbers. But that’s exactly what Matt has in mind for BIG4 Wye River Holiday Park expansion. 

In fact, Matt and his team are lodging plans for a 20-acre recreation area with bush tracks and sporting facilities opposite the popular 25-acre beachside camp.


Originally, camping areas factored into Matt’s drawings but the newly-implemented 13.02 fire regulations scuttled BIG4 Wye River’s application at the 11th hour spearheading a change.

“So rather than increase our park site numbers [for the high season], we’re focussing on welcoming week-day guests during our 9-month touring season,” Matt explains. 

Months of consultation culminated plans undergoing Council review.

“We’ve had on-site meetings with the Council and our planning team met with the CFA. 

“We worked slowly over 10 months, involving everyone in every step of the way.”

BIG4 Wye River jumping pillow


Converting unused bushland into a natural recreation area wasn’t Matt’s sole option.

“We actually talked about putting in the big slides and the whole resort-style development, but our campers kept telling us ‘you don’t need that here’—and they’re right.

“From here, I can see the beach, and the river runs through the middle of the park.”

So instead, Matt will cater to full-time travellers, schooling and sporting clubs, convoyers and extended families, or those of us skipping the grind mid-week.

“It’s about letting them get a bit rugged. Where they can take these trails through the park, like bush kids.

“We have goats that trim the bush. Our guests really get a thrill out of it.”

BIG4 Wye River river view


This strategy works well with the BIG4 Wye River’s current layout. Already, self-contained camping areas allow close-knit community groups to interact among themselves.

“We have a camping loop that’s perfect for groups.

“I don’t really like to over develop an area. I just love having these open elevated areas, where they can bring their own stuff and hang out.

“Where people can lay out on the hills and be in the same area but spread out and enjoy their own space.”

What’s more, campers can safely enjoy private fire at camp.

“We load up a fire-pit onto our trailer and whizz around to your camp. It keeps them at the right size,” Matt explains.

Fire-pit available for hire at BIG4 Wye River


But low-key development needn’t equate to under investment. 

Matt’s created outstanding shared space in the past twelve months that encourages travellers to interact with their surroundings.

“We have just built up all our camp kitchens and installed a really cool big curved timber deck area.”

In fact, BIG4 Wye River Holiday Park has three communal camp kitchens.

And right now, they’ve just finished landscaping the newly-installed container camp kitchen, built by GlamXperience

Watch this space.