Camping up at Manning Gorge

Manning Gorge campground was one of the highlights of the Gibb for me. A huge campground, again it was find a site, anywhere. So, we did that and set up for two nights. We meet the three people camping behind us, Lee, Ash and her partner Wayde. Over a cuppa we shared info on the Gibb as we were going in different directions. Their talk was on the grader going through, ours was on no grader in sight! Plus, they were very helpful with firewood for us. It’s great when you meet neighbours like these three.

Friends on the GRR

Even with a park as big, and full, as this we never had to queue at the amenities. It was a very quiet park and everyone was just relaxed. The swimming was superb. It was easy to get into the river and out again, not something you can say about everywhere we went. For the adventurists there is a walk on the other side of the river, but no-one felt inclined.