Caravanning and Keeping Fit

Like me, you have set off on holidays and when passing through a town the waft of the local bakery reaches the driver’s side window. The next thing you know you are standing at the counter admiring the baker’s many delights.

To shed off the kilos we all need some physical activity. So, let’s talk about activities suitable for everyone and discuss how you can find some clubs on social media that will point you in the right direction.



Several caravan parks provide activities such as tennis courts and pools but outside of them there are other activities.

Many of us love the beach and there is surfing, swimming, beach volley ball and the usual fun with a tennis ball, but, for different age groups we need some more physical activity, so, what else do we have?

One small item we pack is our bocce set and this is a great game that can be played not only at the caravan park but at the beach, park and other places.



Another gentle activity is lawn bowls and most towns have a lawn bowls club.

Lawn bowls is for all ages and nearly all clubs welcome visitors and provide good social entertainment. Many have “barefoot bowls” Friday evenings and welcome the public to join in. They provide the bowls for the family and usually a sausage sizzle.

This is great fun for everyone so why not take a few along with you from the caravan park?



To find lawn bowls clubs around Australia is easy and there is a facebook site Caravan Lawn Bowlers Club Australia, which has over 1000 members, and, most place adverts on the page about social activities.

As example, if you are travelling around the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne you will find the Yamala Park Bowls Club, which is close to several caravan parks on the Peninsula.



But wait! There’s more! What about a game of golf and what is available? Recently established on facebook is the Caravan & RV Golfers Club Australia, and, it is here that golf clubs will shortly be posting their adverts advertising games available Australia wide as well, so, this is also worth checking out.

We hope you enjoy all these sports during your holidays, but I must be off and find where my wife hid that vanilla slice!

Locals warmly welcoming Glenys Purcell to the local course.

Words: John Westbury   Photos: John Westbury & Glenys Purcell.