Crystal Brook’s ‘Off Leash Area’ Grand Opening!

Col chats with Dan from Crystal Brook Tourist Park located in Doncaster East¬†Victoria, about their new ‘Off Leash Area’

Crystal Brook Tourist Park has the convenience of a city park, with the atmosphere and beautiful natural attractions of a bush park.

A lot of what they do at Crystal Brook is guest driven. They try to be as responsive as possible to their guest’s requests to help create a park people want to visit.

Dan explained that 50% of RV travellers travel with their dogs. As they are a pet friendly park with pet friendly sites and cabins, they thought what better way to keep your furry family members happy other than to open an ‘Off Leash Area’ for them to run around and have fun without being restricted by a leash.

The ‘Off Leash Area’ is completely fenced off with toys and obstacles for the dogs to run around, stretch their legs and just enjoy themselves, while the owners can sit down and have a bite to eat at the picnic area.

The park has received a fantastic response and with the Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism Victoria – Danielle Green declaring the ‘Off Leash Area’ to be officially open, it is now time for you come down and check out this beautiful park in a perfect convenient location.

To find out more on Crystal Brook Tourist Park visit their website!