Crystal Cascades Reopens

Following the terrifying manmade tsunami which devastated Russell and Janine Drayton’s caravan park, BIG 4 Crystal Cascades in Cairns, along with many nearby properties a couple of months ago, they are reopening on 1 June 2018.

Currently, 16 cabins are ready to go, with more nearly ready. The owners, Russell and Janine were delighted as they already have a few caravanners taking up winter residence before the official reopening.

The sites at this park are almost completely re-instated as are the swimming pool and camp kitchen.

This has been a very traumatic and challenging time for the Drayton family who are still waiting on the findings of the report and investigation by hydrologists appointed by the Cairns Council.

The Drayton family have expressed their sincere thanks to all the well-wishes and many offers of assistance that have been made by the Industry. Please keep this park in mind when you are on your way north.