Diamantina Shire calls to seal The Bilby Way

Soft-roaders could caravan ‘The Bilby Way’ within a few years, if Federal or State Governments heed Diamantina Shire’s call to seal the final dirt stretches on Eyre Developmental Road.

Diamantina Shire identified tourism as a major opportunity for the region, strengthening the case to bituminise just 64km of gravel track on the popular south-west Queensland thoroughfare.

“Sealing the final gravel sections of the Eyre Developmental Road will greatly assist our region to financially recover from the impacts of COVID-19 and the current difficult but necessary travel restrictions,” explains Mayor of Diamantina Shire Council, Cr. Robert Dare.

Diamantina Shire has engaged KPMG to attract funding to bitumenise Eyre Developmental Road

Pic: Tourism and Events Queensland


Travellers access some of Australia’s most iconic outback destinations via Eyre Developmental Road.

“When the remaining 64kms of the Eyre Developmental Road is sealed, Birdsville will for the first time ever have a sealed bitumen road access,” says Mayor Cr. Robert Dare.

What’s more, travellers could two-wheel drive from Birdsville to Alice Springs if the plans go ahead, with resurfacing works already slated for The Outback Way.

If the Governments heed Diamantina Shire's call, travellers could safely travel on tarmac from Alice Springs to Birdsville, with the sealing of Eyre Developmental Road and The Outback Way


According to a near-finalised report by bid partners KPMG, bituminising the link will also improve animal welfare and support the local farming community.

Currently, Council faces ongoing repair costs to improve access and safety to the local community, and safeguard stock loss on this popular route linking vital outback stations.

The plan will also complement the current spate of road works in Boulia.

“I call on the State and Federal Governments to commit ongoing funding to seal the final sections of the Eyre Developmental Road, to provide economic benefit to Birdsville that has been impacted by drought and now the COVID-19 epidemic,” says Mayor Cr. Robert Dare.