Dinosaurs, stockmen & more: catch Outback Queensland’s newest experiences

Communities in Outback Queensland are ramping up for 2022 with an exciting array of new experiences for the venturing overlander! From dinosaur discoveries, oral histories or new ways to enjoy starlit skies check out these new or refurbish bucket-lister destinations below.

    • BIRDSVILLE COURTHOUSE MUSEUM: Remote policing is hard enough today, but what was it like before cars and planes? Witness cases heard at the Birdsville Courthouse and discover the difficulties, humour and sometimes tragedies of Outback justice. The Birdsville Courthouse Experience is due to open in 2022, with interactive and static displays that interpret the dispensation of justice in remote Queensland. The experience will be located at the Birdsville Courthouse; this historic stone building operated as a police station and courthouse from the late 1800s through to 1988 and has many stories to tell.
    • STOCKMAN FOR THE DAY: If you needed more excuses to add Longreach to your 2022 to-visit list, Stockman’s Hall of Fame is all the convincing you need. The recent $15 million redevelopment including a brand-new cinematic experience, will take you on a visual journey through history, retracing the footsteps and celebrating Australia’s stockmen. This new experience complements the Stockman’s live day and night shows.New Stockman
    • THE BIGGEST RIG: Roma might be known for oil and gas, but visitors in 2022 will be digging for history at the new Bigger Big Rig Observation Tower and Tree Walk at The Big Rig in Roma. The observation tower is 30m tall and the 150m tree walk showcases visual displays. Open daily, this will be a new attraction to add to your list for 2022!
    • OPEN-TOPPED OBSERVATORY, OPENING 2022 @AUSTRALIAN AGE OF DINOSAURS: Exciting new additions to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum include the March of the Titanosaurs exhibition housing Australia’s best-preserved sauropod track site. Visitors can now walk with dinosaurs in air-conditioned comfort within a new building protecting a fascinating dinosaur track of sauropods, ornithopods and small theropods. And don’t miss this stunning new International Dark Sky Sanctuary display – the Gondwana Stars open-topped observatory is planned to open in 2022 – one the best places in the country to witness the wonders of the Outback night sky.
    • CLONCURRY AUDIO TOUR: Cloncurry Shire Council has a new audio tour available to follow as a self-drive (or self-walk). The audio tour can be accessed via the Experience Cloncurry website. 16 stories are told by long time Cloncurry residents about life in Cloncurry over the years. From a biography of Dame Mary Gilmour to tales of Shire Hall Balls about what it was like to grow up in the ‘Curry. It’s a great way to really get a feel of the town.
    • MIN MIN ENCOUNTER –  MAJOR $.5M RENOVATION: Boulia’s iconic Min Min Encounter is shining even brighter than ever now! The $.5M renovation to this key Outback Queensland attraction means visitors can enjoy the new building, facilities and shop, and chat to the friendly Boulia Visitor Information Centre staff. This unique theatrical experience incorporates animatronics, fibre optics and loads of other high tech wizardry.
    • EROMANGA NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM: Queensland’s leading regional museum, Eromanga Natural History Museum, has undergone a major $6.6M renovation. The recent construction includes a brand-new reception and visitor centre, café, theatre, interpretative corridor and amenities. The museum is home to Cooper, one of the largest dinosaurs in the world. The museum offers tours, hands-on experiences, and accommodation is available on site.
    • QUILPETA: Quilpie’s new attraction! Take your seat on the expansive green space in front of the supersized outdoor screen for the brand new Quilpeta Night Show. An interactive journey of the story of Quilpie stepping back some 95 million years ago. Along the way you’ll meet giant Titanosaurs Cooper and George, learn about Quilpie’s First Nation Maranganji people, discover the colourful Boulder Opal story and early pastoral settlements. Days of operation: Tue, Thu, Sun (Mar-Oct).
    • CUNNUMULLA ALL ABOARD: Cunnamulla’s newest attraction commencing 2021 and returning 2022, Cunnumulla “All Aboard” Show – sit back and relax for a new sound and light show, as their holographic host, the Station Master (Steven Tandy), whisks you back in time on a memorable journey to the ‘end of the line’. Experience the Outback’s true pioneering spirit and discover how Australia was built on the sheep’s back and narrow-gauge train tracks! Laugh out loud as locals share in their own words what life was like growing up in Cunnamulla in the old days.Cunnamil