Fisho rules in your hand: essential apps, Australia-wide

For the keen fisho travelling Australia, it can get pretty complicated keeping up with each state’s fishing rules and regulations. Whether it’s fish identification, sizes,  possession limits, even methods and equipment used to catch the fish, crab or any other tasty water critter, it can catch us off guard. Each state has it’s own regulations and instructions which must be adhered to and below is what I’ve found helpful to keep me within the legal requirements wherever we have been. Keeping up with the times each state has a handy app you can download with all the info you need.

  • QLD: “QLD Fishing 2.0”
  • NSW: “NSW Fishing / FISHSMART NSW”
  • VIC: “vic-fishing”
  • TAS: “Tasmania Sea Fishing Guide”
  • S.A: “SAFishing”
  • W.A: “recfishwest”
  • N.T: “NT Fishing Mate”


We haven’t yet been to the ACT and I couldn’t find an app for it, however I found a helpful PDF document by searching “ACT Fishing regulations”. In fact, every state has a good PDF providing all the info required if you would rather use that. You could even print them out if that’s more preferable.

Another great thing to do is  ask a local fishing and tackle shop for a regulation and guidelines and they can usually point you in the right direction in how and where to catch what you’re after also.

Another app that I’ve been using for many years and it works in all Australian states is “iDFish” this one does have an annual subscription but I’ve found it to be worth the money as it has a great identifier program that allows you to put in the fishes features and it will give you a list of possible species and it’s size and possessions limits in the selected state.

Happy fishing and travelling!