Full Time Travellers Australia, supporting long-term campers in crisis

Barely a week ago, the Federal Government declared caravan parks an Essential Service providing safe harbour for those of us travelling for work or without a fixed address.

Since then, many council and national park campsites have closed their doors to overnight guests as State Governments impose limitations on those travelling by road.

We’re also hearing reports that Local Councils are cracking down on traveller movements as well.

Long-term travellers have different needs to those who travel with a home-base


Thankfully, admins for Full Time Travellers Australia are working hard to support travellers in border shock seek out safe accommodation to ride out the COVID-19 crisis as it unfolds.

In fact, early Wednesday morning, site admin Meg Fleay compiled a list of caravan parks who were at the time still welcoming guests meeting their State’s respective government criteria.

“I’ve had caravan parks message me,” explains Meg.

“We’ve also had a heap of owners and managers joining the group and commenting, as well as members who are currently at caravan parks and reporting back about availability and what’s happening.”


When Meg and her husband Ben started the group, they just wanted a safe space for full-time travellers to ask simple questions without being harassed.

“We realised that there was a massive gap between full time travellers and people who travel from a home base.

“But after starting the group and realising people had no idea what was open or closed, I decided to start putting it all into a list for easy reference.”

And, as a result of Meg’s efforts, many nomads have safely bunkered down.

If you have found yourself in this tricky situation, or are able to assist travellers in finding semi-permanent accommodation, request access to the Full Time Travellers Australia Facebook site below.