Get the kids hooked on fishing

Whether you’re full time travelling or just away for a quick getaway, Australia provides plenty of opportunities to wet a line and try and catch dinner. For us adults it’s usually a big factor in where we travel or camp. But for little kids, it may not be as exciting to sit there waiting for a fish to bite.

Teaching kids about fish

Luckily for us our little ones have been right into it from a very young age. They have been winding fish in since before they could walk!  Here are a few things I did to get them into fishing from a young age:

  1. For the first few outings it’s good to focus just on the kids. Go to spots that are kid friendly like parks where they can burn off some energy and have a break from fishing if needed.

  2. Target small fish with light gear. Even if all you get are the tiny fishes. It’s far better than sitting there and not catching anything at all. It’s about getting them used to it and not about catching a feed right away.

  3. We make it fun for them by looking at fish books and teaching them different species so when they do catch one they can try and identify it. Fishing shows are also great, the action and excitement really grabs their attention.

  4. Hands on experience. We let them handle the bait, hold the fish, measure it, even the obviously small ones. They get to hold and pose for pictures and then release them back, which is always exciting for them to see them swim away. And when we do get a keeper they help with scaling and preparing them for cooking. Basically they are learning, watching and involved in the whole process.

  5. Take chairs, as it can be hard work standing with a rod and reel for little legs. When our kids were infants, we kept them strapped in the safety of a stroller but still close to the action where they could hold a small rod or baitfish and feel involved. Also take lots of snacks and keep well hydrated.

  6. Sometimes no matter what you try, they just aren’t into it and that’s ok too. Keep trying and having fun and like our kids, they will be asking to go fishing at every chance too!