Golfing the Nullarbor

Australia is a land of big things, sometimes they are the biggest in the world. One of those biggest in the world things is the Nullarbor Links Golf Course which runs from Kalgoorlie WA to Ceduna SA.

Technically the Golf Course is an 18 hole par 72 course covering 1,365 km from start to finish.

  • A mini windmill at the Windmills Hole in South Australia


Finding clubs @local op shops

Peter set himself up to play the course with some careful buying of three clubs and a putter, thanks to the local op shops. He collected some second hand golf balls, and set to making some tees. We did find that the best tee was actually a screw top from a bottle of wine. Obviously, that meant we had to have sufficient screw tops on hand so that he could play the course. As a wise person once said – we were taking one for the team!

You can start either end, buy your score card at a Visitors Info Centre and add your score to it at the end of each hole. Yes, there were a couple of ‘two balls, best balls’ played along the way. The odd lost ball was ‘found’ when the official caddy – that’s me – luckily stumbled across one sitting in plain view. How could I have missed it before is beyond me!

  • This fairway is 500m and we managed to lose a ball or two


Golf courses in on the action

The holes ranged from pristine in a proper golf course to hills and dales with all sorts of shrubbery that wanted to eat your golf balls.

In the end it didn’t matter what the score was, it was just the fun of playing golf on the biggest golf course in the world. And, on presentation of the completed score card Peter got an official certificate to say he had done just that.

What we learned very early on when we met Ali Kent, MP for Kalgoorlie WA was that the golf course has a hidden agenda. When people play the course they get out of their cars, and go for a walk. The holes are spaced along the Nullarbor so that you have regular stops, maybe lunch or a snack or maybe say enough driving for today and set up camp.

  • First hole at the Kalgoorlie Golf Club

It’s a win-win!

Whatever you do, the outcome has been a drop in accidents along the Nullarbor. More people playing golf, stopping and resting, means less people driving too far, tired and having accidents.

Golfing the Nullarbor is fun and surprisingly good for you. Have a go, most op shops have golf clubs, or you can hire them at each hole and now you know how to create your own tees.

  • Some holes were grass, some sand and some oiled dirt




Each hole has an info board about playing the hole and why it is named the way it is

The standard of holes, vary, after an impressive start at Kalgoorlie

Peter and MP Ali Kent

By the time we were on the Nullarbor the grrree..ere pure scrub!

Another bucket-list item ticked off!



Sometimes it’s hard to see the flag but this one at Eagles Nest was easy!

First hole over the border os called the border kangaroo