Good Vibes at Lake Redbrook Holiday Retreat

Lake Redbrook Holiday Retreat is sereniously good fun. Just ask ‘repeat offender’ Alison Huth

When you are looking to mix serenity and fun by the bucket load, try Lake Redbrook Holiday Retreat. Owners Gary and Sharon Walters, Gazza and Shazza, share its passionate start.

Many years ago, they drove past a lake and Gazza said, “we’re going to own that lake one day”.

But no matter how hard they tried, Gazza and Shazza couldn’t afford the farm. Eight years later it was up for sale again, and they had the same problem. That changed when someone wanted the land over the road, which left Gazza and Shazza with 165 acres including the 40-acre lake.

All they wanted was to go fishing. But these two are not your ordinary people. They love to share all that is good and the best way to share Lake Redwood was to build a caravan park.

Luckily for us, Gazza is a builder, so building seven ensuite cabins (with kitchenette), 31 powered sites, some with concrete slabs, amenities block with laundry, salt water swimming pool, excellent camp kitchen with two kitchens and conference facilities was never going to be a problem.

With Shazza taking on the role of labourer, it took them two years before the park was ready to open.

Seriously, the grass is gorgeous under Gazza’s care. Walking around barefoot is easy because no weed, thistle or bindi is allowed to grow.

Gazza and Shazza are full of fun and love the park life. Sometimes, when the mood takes, they will put on a dinner for the park guests– just because they can. After eating two of their meals, I’m coming back for more.

One more unforgettable event is Disc Bowls. Gazza sets it up in good weather sometime around happy hour. It’s like bowls with frisbees. As to the rules, they are flexible with Gazza it seems making them up as the game progresses. It’s the fun that counts.

Fishing is highly recommended if you want to get into the Brag Book. There are some amazing photos of fish in those books. As to being a Repeat Offender– you get to be that by coming back again and you can’t forget it because you get a bright green addition to your keyring.

It really is a magnificent place to stay and a shining example of the Kui Parks chain. Holidaying with Kui Parks? Remember to hashtag your #KuiParksAdventure on Instagram or tag them @ KuiParks on Facebook