Grubs on the Gibb!

My problem with the Gibb

When it all comes down to it, the Gibb is a road that you want to drive or you don’t. It has stunning places, crafted by nature, to enthrall you along its entire length.

We had made sure our vans would go off grid with careful use of water for the entire two weeks we spent on the drive. What we couldn’t plan for, and had trouble with is getting rid of waste water, grey and black. 

If we are being asked to take everything out of a national park that we take in, there has to be places where we can carefully dispose of bagged rubbish, grey water and, most importantly, black water. Once we left ELQ we did not find a dump point because the one station that had one along the way was closed.

Well, you could see some folks’ idea of a solution very easily at Frog Campground where the contents of cassettes had just been dumped on the ground close to the gravel pit.

Where has the age old answer for black water gone? You know the one involving a shovel and a bit of effort to dig a hole and bury your black water waste?

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