Happy camping kids

Camping is a brilliant opportunity to bring the family together, creating memories that last a lifetime and fostering independence that holds the tackers in good stead. But without the comforts and consistencies of home, venturing out can be daunting. Never fear, Camper Trailer Lifestyle has tapped into the camping fraternity for top tips for happy camping kids.


Young kids thrive on consistency, which means being out of their normal routine can lead to overtiredness and tantrums. To combat this, have set bedtimes and mealtimes and plan your day around them. 


To keep your campsite running like clockwork, you’ll need all of your gear in an easy spot to identify and grab it when you need it. Keep everything in a large plastic tubs, labelled and stacked into categories like kitchen supplies, food and snacks, toys and so on. 

If everything is easy to find that will make it easier for the munchkins, too, which means less questions for yours truly!


A hand and foot washing station is a real lifesaver around any campsite, especially if you’re camping with kids. It can be as simple as having a jerry can with a nozzle set on a table or as elaborate as a hot-water system with a 12V pump.


There are heaps of activities available to keep your kids happy after the sun goes down at camp! This can be as simple as downloading an app on your smart-phone or tablet to track stars and satellites in the night sky. Evenings are also a great time to take a peek at the local wildlife, so pack oa couple of good quality torches and see if you can spot any resident koalas or possums in the trees.