It’s a Boating Bonanza at Copeton with the Upgrade to the Sepoy Knob Boat Ramp Complete

With Copeton Dam levels sitting at 8.9%, boating is about to get even easier thanks to completed upgrades improving access at the park’s Sepoy Knob Boat Ramp. 

Reflections Holiday Parks CEO Steve Edmonds said the boat ramp improvements at Sepoy Knob, which included a 156m ramp extension and installation of a mobile landing pontoon, was a priority regional project made possible by the NSW Government’s Boating Now Program. 

“Last year, Reflections Holiday Parks was successful in gaining a $76,100 grant under the State Government’s, NSW Boating Now Program which included, an additional contribution of $31,880 from Reflections to extend the ramp to 159m in length and install a landing pontoon,” Mr. Edmonds said. 

“Already a regional fishing hotspot, the $107,980 investment in boat ramp upgrades make access to Copeton Dam even easier for all boating and fishing enthusiasts. 

“It’s important that such a vital community asset like the Copeton Boat Ramp be fully maintained and cater to all members of the community, including those with limited mobility. 

“Frequent fluctuation in dam levels meant the previous granite ramp was often very unstable and boggy if you moved offline.” 

The upgrading of the Sepoy Knob Boat Ramp at Reflections Holiday Parks Copeton Waters has been an ongoing project over the past five years. This has given excellent, all-weather access to the waters of Copeton Dam to all boating enthusiasts, both able-bodied and those with disabilities. It also provides for safe access to watercraft and tow vehicles of all shapes and sizes. 

Park Manager Paul Irwin said the pontoon was a great asset for guests with dam usage as high as ever and many boats hitting the water for fishing and other recreational activities. “The pontoon makes launching boats much easier, especially for those who don’t like to get their feet wet,” Mr. Irwin said. 

“The new ramp is 135m and 24m was added to the original ramp, so we are very pleased to receive 159m of extra boat ramp for public use from State Government funding.” 

Mr. Edmonds said the Group’s Copeton Waters Park was the number one boating and water- sports destination in northern NSW with well over 80,000 visitors a year. “Park usage through the winter has increased by over 100% over the last two years due to the abundant Cod Fishing,” Mr. Edmonds said. 

“Copeton is the Cod Capitol of Australia. One of the best times to catch cod is winter which can see water temperatures drop to single figures and overnight temperatures can plummet to -5 degrees. Whilst good for fishing, these cold conditions can make launching and retrieving a boat difficult. This can be minimised by our improvements to the boat- launching facilities.” 

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