Safety assessment to shape Jondaryan Woolshed plans

A safety assessment on the Jondaryan Woolshed will guide its future plans, says a councillor for the Toowoomba Regional Council following its recent closure in February this year.

It’s a spanner in the works for the iconic attraction under renovation, which planned to reopen in stages starting with private events.

“We would all love to see the facility back open and running as soon as possible but it’s important we carry out this assessment first to get a better understanding of what further work is required,” said Cr Geoff McDonald, Toowoomba Regional Council Finance and Business Strategy Committee Chair.

“Following the assessment, Council and the Board of Jondaryan Woolshed will get together and make a plan on the best way to move forward,” Cr Geoff McDonald explained.

Jondaryan Woolshed 1894


Cr Geoff McDonald described the continued closure as “temporary” and thanked the Board of Jondaryan Woolshed for their “support and oversight” during “a challenging yet opportunistic” time.

“The Jondaryan Woolshed is an iconic part of the Toowoomba Region,” said Cr Geoff McDonald.

Council seeks to uncover the necessary costs required to bring facility to a safe and operational standard.

“Unfortunately, this means the facility will remain temporarily closed to the general public.

“In the meantime we will work through the implications of this closure, such as existing bookings for private functions, the respective roles and responsibilities of Council and the Board of the Jondaryan Woolshed and employment arrangements for staff and volunteers,” he said.

Jondaryan Woolshed