Private artesian bathing houses at newly renovated Julia Creek Caravan Park

Few households use a hot water system in Julia Creek. Often, residents won’t turn them on but rather use it to hold water and let it cool instead. 

From the tap, Julia Creek’s mineral-rich waters run 45-degrees, drawing in travellers from Australia-wide.

“Our bore water is unique,” explains Cr Janene Fagen on behalf of Julia Creek Caravan Park in North West Queensland, “it doesn’t have an odour. It is drinkable.”

Enojoying the bath houses

Photo courtesy Tourism and Events Queensland 


And since 2016, travellers have enjoyed its palliative benefits in privacy, soaking up the scenery in iron-cast clawed bathtubs nibbling on fruit, cheeses, and delicacies.

“Our local businesses prepare the platters. 

“Our caravan park guests love knowing they’re supporting the local community. Some will stop into town for a coffee afterwards and some stay extra nights just so they can experience the baths. 

The 12 tubs are Julia Creek Caravan Park’s headlining tourist attraction. There are four corrugated tanks that house two baths in each tank.

platter + view

Photo courtesy Mckinlay Shire Council

There are also two replicas of Boundary Rider Huts which each house 2 baths–these huts are a little bigger and have a veranda and chair out the front too. 

“We’re on the edge of town, it’s very private. You can see out to the paddock, you’ll maybe see an emu or kangaroo hop by,” says Janene, Mckinlay Shire Council. 

The sunset and early evening soaks are highly prized. Janene recommends to book ahead. 

“If you book an evening bath, you can look out to our beautiful starlit skies. We tend not to get clouds out here unless it’s the wet season.”

Julia Creek barhs

Photo courtesy Tourism and Events Queensland 


The bush camp dinners at the Julia Creek Caravan Park are a hit with caravanners, too, operating Monday nights from April till September.

“We started the dinners about eight or nine years ago. When one of the two pubs burnt down,” Janene explains.

“The publicans [of the remaining premises] needed a night off so the Council needed to find a way to offer visitors a taste of country hospitality and a place to dine. 

“So we decided to better support the community groups’

“So, we have a roster where each community group will go and arrange two or three bush dinners a season.”

Visitors plan their trips to coincide with the Monday night bush dinners

Photo courtesy Mckinlay Shire Council

For $15, guests are treated to a home-cooked main meal and dessert. And can purchase raffle tickets to win prizes.

Free-campers at the nearby RV friendly camping grounds and visitors from local motel and hotels are welcomed and, in fact, encouraged at these events.

“The mayor, a councillor or council staff might pick you up and take you to the communal fire-pit and dinner. 

“A local will often talk about the town and its history, we might get a musician in. Everyone has a bit of fun, we’ll all be done by 8.30pm.

“These events are something that the community gets behind. The groups make some money on raffle tickets. They are happy to just support it. And it gives guests another reason to stay.

“Travellers actually plan their trips around the bush dinner nights.”

Family enjoying the Dunart exhibition

Learning about the Julia Creek dunnart, which authorities thought to be extinct up till 1999.


This year, Council installed a dedicated camp kitchen for these popular events during their most recent caravan park expansion.

“It hasn’t been used yet. The kitchen is new, complete with two bain-maries, an oven, fridge and air conditioning. It was made from a shipping container and made to look a bit bushy and rustic.”

Wide tarmac roads and beautiful, large drive-through sites also formed during the renovation completed earlier this year.

And it is all nice and close to the free, recently-installed community splash park that draws interest from locals and travellers alike.

In fact, everything is within close proximity to everything in Julia Creek–it’s just that kind of town; the park even provides access to bikes so you can leave the car parked on-site.

splash park

A water splash park