Kingfisher Bay Resort

You may arrive at Kingfisher Bay Resort expecting golden beaches and sand dunes kingfisher2stretching as far as the eye can see, but there are post-card moments at almost every track and turn.

Kingfisher Bay Resort was voted the Best Beach Resort in Australia by ‘Discovery’s Travel Channel’ and has won six Australian Tourism and nine Queensland Tourism Awards.

The stunning property, complete with mirror lakes and waterholes, blends seamlessly with kingfisher3the island’s sensitive ecological systems.

All of their accommodation has been designed to minimise any effects on the natural environment, conserve energy and minimise waste. An onsite worm farm turns waste into compost for the resort’s gardens and recycling is a must.

Native bird and wildlife are easily spotted from the walkways, private hotel verandas orkingfisher outdoor pools. Their interpretive Rangers are locals who are passionate about Fraser and are happy to share their knowledge at the drop of a hat, as part of the resort’s action-packed activity schedule, or showcase the beauty spots on a guided-tour.

Whether romantic indulgence, a business retreat, family-fun holiday or wilderness adventure is on the cards, a visit to Kingfisher Bay Resort can also be a lifestyle-changi
ng experience.

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