Mundubbera Three Rivers Tourist Park, What’s Up Downunder editor-at-large Alison Huth reviews

The Mundubbera Three Rivers Tourist Park is a member of the Kui Parks chain and clearly fits, and even exceeds, the guidelines to be a member of Kui Parks.

My delight with the park began even before we got there. I had the best time booking our site, it’s not often you leave a booking phone call smiling away because it was a pleasure. That delight extends when you arrive to check in when smiling faces, happy voices and a real welcome great you.

The park itself looks almost new, but it has been around for 20 plus years. Just beyond the boom gate is a huge building and I thought it was a strange place to put accommodation no matter how smart it looked. Well, I was wrong, it wasn’t accommodation it was a huge, really well maintained amenities block.

A friendly vibe from the get go

We found our site and set up with ease. We had actually been to the park 11 years ago just after owners Sherrie and Andrew Breitkopf took over. We decided to have a walk around the park and see what had changed. Well, not much, but what had changed had been done really well.

The camp kitchen was bigger, and very popular. It’s a great meeting place. The fire pit was fairly new and another great meeting place. There are tables and chairs around for people to enjoy a campfire and happy hour. We met some wonderful people around the campfire, and some tall tales but true were shared with a lot of laughter.

Accommodating all kinds of travellers

As we were travelling with the What’s Up Downunder film crew on the Kui Parks/Highline Caravan trip some of the crew were in cabins. While the caravanners could self-cater if they wanted to, the crew needed meals. Luckily for us you can order dinner from a really good menu cooked on site in the parks commercial kitchen, and it can be delivered to your site, cabin or tables around the fire pit. We had two dinners there, and they were delicious.

The park has some on-site accommodation, five cabins and six motel rooms. They were really comfortable and well presented. There is another huge area which is set aside for seasonal workers. Mundubbera is a major citrus area amongst other crops and each year needs a huge workforce to pick the fruit.

Seasonal workers sing up a storm!

On the first night we were there, when Tim the Sausage King was providing dinner the seasonal workers, mainly Samoan, provided the entertainment. They were just amazing. The pipes were made from different size PVC cut to set lengths to create a certain note. The thongs used to hit the open top of the pipes were all carved down to cover the top only and not touch the next pipe which was right next to it. There is a lot of skill needed to play those pipes, and those guys had it by the bucket full.

There is a swimming pool on site, it’s not big, but on a hot day it is just what you need. This is a brilliant park, really comfortable, well maintained, the dinner is such an added bonus. I’m really confident that it won’t be 11 years before we are back again!