New Apollo Lunar Module exhibit for Carnarvon, an Aussie first

The Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum is building a full-size model of an Apollo Lunar Module, unveiling the display housed within a giant dome at a launch on July 31.

The unveiling will mark 50 years since the 15 astronauts landed on the moon aboard the Apollo 15, the first mission to utilise the Lunar Roving Vehicle.

“They’re starting to put the skin on the model,” says Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum Phil Youd.

Jim Irwin with the Apollo 15 and Lunar Roving Vehicle. Photo NASA

Apollo 15


The Apollo model will be the first display of its kind in Australia, with Phil sourcing plans from the United States.

“We’ve modified the plans to make them metric and increase the model’s strength to withstand Carnarvon’s weather conditions,” says Phil.

Denham Dunstall calculated the adjustments, Neil Haring from Irvin Bullbars in Perth conducting the build with final assembly occurring.

 “I think people will get an appreciation of how risky these missions were,” Phil explains.

apollo model in parts minus the skin


Phil researched Project Apollo and the six successful manned moon landings to assist with the exhibition.

“For the first astronauts it was a matter of ‘get in and get out’; each mission they stayed longer and longer, with the orbit lasting days.”

This isn’t the first large, full-size model for the museum. In 2018, the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum installed a 25-metre high Redstone Rocket model tributing NASA’s Mercury missions.

“Astronauts actually sat in at the top of those rockets–they’re basically bombs. They’re all controlled explosions at the end of the day.” 


The Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum celebrates those professionals who worked at the Carnarvon Tracking Station from 1963 till 1975.

Carnarvon Tracking Station was vital in the rescue of the aborted near-fatal Apollo 13.

Buzz Aldrin attended the museum’s official opening in 2012.

Tickets are available for the new attraction’s cocktail party launch on July 31. Contact the Carnarvon Visitor Information centre for details.