Not a clue on what to do? Here’s our top tips when arriving at a new place

If you’re travelling around Australia and just winging it for the most part, as we do, then you will come across a place where you have no clue on what to do! Here are some tips for pointing you in the right direction:


This app shows camp sites, caravan parks, dump points, and many other caravanning and camping essentials. It’s great for finding points of interests and also has reviews and ratings from fellow travellers included. This can be helpful with information such as road conditions and fees. It’s a paid app but an essential one for road tripping around Australia.


This one is old school but still highly effective. The old Info centre is still a great source of, well, information. Everything from activities, points of interest, local tour operators, local services, history and culture will be on a brochure waiting for you at the local info centre. So be sure to stop by! 


Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google are easily accessible thanks to our smartphones. Just type in the location you’re after and receive instant results with stunning photos, articles, reviews and videos you can scroll through or watch at your leisure. You can sort out what’s recent, relevant, unique and suited for you.  


And of course it always pays to get friendly with the locals. They will let you in on some exclusive info that you are not likely to find in any brochure or google search. Things like great fishing spots, or that magic water hole or even that secret beach just down that unassuming track. So be sure to say g’day!

Not a clue what to do? Heed our advice for when you're stumped for ideas at a new destination