NRMA acquires iconic park in pet-friendly Dubbo

“We’ve had all kinds of pets stay here,” says Shaunie Bruce, co-manager for the newly-named NRMA Dubbo Holiday Park.

“Horses, llamas, rodents, alpacas, you name it—people are travelling with their pets all year around.”

All the campsites are dog-friendly and there are fenced pet-friendly cabins in a range of styles, just a few minutes walk from town. 

Indeed Dubbo itself, a junction town for four major touring routes, really knows how to roll out the welcome mat for our four-legged friends.

“You can take your dog to the Old Dubbo Gaol. And there are a couple of cafes in town where you can bring your dog while you enjoy your cuppa,” says Cameron, who with Shaunie co-manages the park, formally known as Dubbo City Holiday Park.

For those times when you’re visiting places where animals aren’t welcome, Shaunie, Cameron and the crew can recommend some fantastic, cost-effective animal daycare providers. 

DogDog relaxing in a fenced backyard in a pet-friendly cabin at NRMA Dubbo Holiday Park


Cameron and Shaunie have managed the holiday park for many years.

“We try and stock a lot of local produce,” says Shaunie.

“We have our own dairy nearby, and we’re in discussions with the owners to stock their milk. We’re now stocking chocolates from the Junee Liquorice and Chocolate factory, which is about four hours away.

“I like to head out to the local farmers’ market to see what jams they have available so we can sell them in our shop. And also talk about what’s good to visit and available to buy in the community.”

The couple are relishing in these new-found opportunities to stamp their own identity on the park now that it’s officially under the NRMA brand.

“We have always been managed by NRMA. But now that NRMA has purchased the park from Council, it’s just one less level of approval to seek.” 

In fact, Shaunie and Cameron finds NRMA’s approach collaborative.

“The NRMA are experts in what’s happening in our market. We can now offer discounts to our guests and take advantage of that expertise,” says Shaunie.

NRMA Dubbo Holiday Park


In the past five or so years, the local community has established Dubbo as a destination in its own right.

“It’s a great place for kids,” says Shaunie.

Prospective palaeontologists can examine fossils at the newly-opened Wellington Caves Visitor Centre and a Flying Doctor Service Experience was launched late last year. 

“The Old Dubbo Gaol in the past five years has really improved its guest experience. They’ve really focussed on local stories. What it was like for inmates and how it related to their local community.”

When the Royal Flying Doctor Service museum opened last year, Shaunie and Cameron took the family there so they could share their experiences with guests.

“Often, we’ll take short trips with the kids so we can recommend places to go.”

Just local knowledge at its best.