Off-grid camping tips, courtesy of Battery World

Camping off-the-grid for the very first time? Glamp it up with these awesome camping trips prepared for us courtesy of the clever team at Battery World. We reckon this advice is on the money, too. Check it out below! 


Before a big trip, make sure you’re properly prepared by testing out your equipment to ensure it’s in working condition before leaving home. 

To charge your campsite, you will need a deep-cycle battery. They differ from your starter battery (ie most automotive batteries) in that they are designed to provide power over a longer period of time and to be discharged and recharged (cycled) to power your fridge and camping accessories. 

To avoid any tents situations on the way to your campsite, Battery World can provide a health check on your starting and deep cycle batteries to ensure the batteries will deliver the required amount of power to power your campsite.

Finally, remember to pre-cool your fridge before you head off to make sure everything stays cold. 

Battery tips


What equipment do I need to power my campsite? 

  • A good camping fridge to keep your food and drinks chilled while you’re out exploring your surroundings. It’s important to pre-cool your fridge before heading out to ensure everything stays cold while you’re away. The 60L Thunder Fridge/Freezer is the perfect camping companion and holds up to 60 cans!   
  • A good quality deep cycle battery to power the fridge. The perfect battery for you depends on the size you want, budget and how long you want to be away for.  
  • A battery box to place your batteries in. Some battery boxes are multi-functional – giving you outlets to plug all your devices into, including USB connections for your smart devices and other DC outlet sockets, such as a cigarette lighter. They may also monitor your battery’s voltage and state of charge. The Hard Korr Heavy Duty Battery Box is one of our top picks thanks to its standout features such as multiple ports to connect a range of devices and durability.  
  • Solar panel to add additional power to your campsite, so you always have a source of power wherever you are. You can also grab smaller, lighter solar blankets for easier portability. A solar blanket, such as the Hard Korr 200W Portable Solar Blanket, is perfect for occasional campers on a budget. Don’t let its size fool you, it can provide sufficient output to power even a large campsite.  
  • Inverter to power up your 240V home devices such as laptops. Depending on the watts of your appliances, there are different inverters available for you! 
  • Camping light kit to keep the campsite singing all night long. We recommend LED lighting that is remote switchable and anti-bug. LED is also low-power consumption, which is friendly for your battery.

With endless opportunities to experience what our great backyard has to offer – from off-trek bushland to white sandy beaches, a camping getaway can be an outdoor vacation to remember.

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