Is this the perfect fishing rod for travelling?

After two years of full time living on the road, I have finally found the perfect fishing rod to suit our travel lifestyle.

The key features for the most ideal rod includes being small and compact for easy storage and access, being at the ready for those quick stops for having a flick, and of course, they have to be reliable and cost-effective.

The answer for us has been in the form of telescopic fishing rods. We came across these by chance, when we had to travel light to Thursday Island. Unable to take fishing gear, I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to fish the Torres Strait, so I headed to the nearest tackle shop and bought my first telescopic combo. Since then, they have been a game changer.


We carry two 10ft ones and two smaller ones for the kids. They do the job and are utilised for 99% of our fishing. I do still carry my one and two piece rods in a pipe on top of the ute but these only come out on occasions where I want to target really big fish, which is seldom. That being said, we have pulled in some huge fish on our telescopic rods. From queenfish, trevally and barracuda in Cape York to some monster flatheads and solid 90cm Australian salmon in Albany.

We have found they have been effective in both land, jetty and boat based fishing. Being light weight and telescopic, they can increase your setup to longer lengths equivalent to a surf rod but still also compact down enough to be easily transportable on those long jetty walks or on a boat.

Is this the perfect rod for fishing


There are many brands of telescopic rods available, currently we are using Shimano, it cost less than $50 a piece and I kitted it out with existing reels. I store them in rod holders screwed to the roof of our ute canopy. This makes for super easy access while still being up and out of the way for everyday use of the canopy.

Do you agree? What’s your favourite travel fishing kit?