Port Lincoln

A short, wild ride from Port Lincoln’s safe harbour, you can spot great whites breaching. Or, for a closer look, cage yourself and meet their gaze in the ocean with Calypso Star Charters.

These apex predators gravitate to the Spencer Gulf’s fertile waters to feast upon the seafood bounty that supports Australia’s largest seafood fleet.



Cray, tuna and whiting and Boston Bay muscles are just some of the local catch exported internationally and domestically. But you can side step the middle-man and Australia’s sample finest at the iconic trendy seafood capital of Port Lincoln. 

Enjoy late night dining Port Lincoln’s restaurant precinct. Then, check out the oyster farm just around the corner at the Coffin Bay.

Crayfish among the local seafood bounty in Port Lincoln

Hauling crayfish from local seas. Pic: Josh Green



Sheltering behind Boston Island and adjacent Baird Bay, Port Lincoln’s safety beaches belie dramatic Roaring Forties vistas. And from Winter Hill lookout, a five-minute drive from the CBD, you can take it in with views extending to Coffin Bay and Whalers Way. 

There’s a beach for every occasion near Port Lincoln. Whether you’re snorkelling for treasures, chasing gentle rolling waves with little ones or hitting the surf. 

Set sail on the deep, sheltered waters nestled alongside Boston Island within Baird Bay or master the SUP a little north, on Tumby Bay. 

Wanna lookout in Port Lincoln

Wanna lookout in Port Lincoln. Photo: Robert Lang Photography



Sailors established Port Lincoln in the 1830s and you can celebrate their seafaring and boat building traditions at the Axel Stenross Museum. In fact, The Mill Cottage built in the 1860s for the son of a captain enjoys roots to European Settlement within the region.

While stone masonry from the same period testifies to the region’s pastoralist wealth.

In fact, you can tour a privately-owned and lovingly restored Mikkira Station homestead, gardens and ruins of a shepherds hut.

Mikkira Station at Port Lincoln

Mikkira Station. Pic: South Australian Tourism Commission