Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Holiday Parks Downunder and its affiliated businesses collect and maintain a record of personal information of our clients, customers, subscribers and website visitors. The following privacy policy outlines howHoliday Parks Downunder and its affiliates use, manage, collect, disclose, secure, access and correct personal information that is obtained through business activities.

2. Definitions

  • We/us/our –Holiday Parks Downunder and its affiliated businesses.
  • You/client/customer/subscriber – A person or entity that engages us to provide products and/or services.
  • Website – A digital location accessible via the internet that clients, customers and subscribers can access.
  • Website form – A digital form that is located on our website where clients, customers and subscribers can provide personal information.
  • Website visitor – A person, entity or computer script that accesses our website to view content and/or submit personal information.
  • Personal information – Private details which could include name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, credit card and banking details or similar private information which would not otherwise be available unless it has been provided to us through solicited or unsolicited methods.
  • Third-party provider – A company, person or other business that we have engaged to provide a product and/or service on our behalf.

3. Management of Personal Information

The personal information that we collect is managed through a number of databases managed by us and via third-party providers that we contract to manage personal information on our behalf.

4. Anonymity and Pseudonymity

Usage of our website is anonymous, however your usage is tracked and monitored through statistical analysis tools. Theses tools only provide us with non-specific information about your usage of our site and this information cannot be used to identify you. The information that is collected may include but is not limited to your approximate geographical location (limited to suburb/city), the type of device and internet browser you are using to visit our website, the pages your visit on our website and any key interactions you make with our website.

While usage of our website is anonymous, it is impractical to provide many of our other services with the same level of anonymity. Due to this that we do require some personal information such as a name and email address as a minimum to facilitate our other products and services.

5. Collection of Solicited Personal Information

We collect solicited personal information through the use of website forms, manual collection of contact information through direct dealing with clients, customers, subscribers and website visitors, through our clients and business partners providing personal information databases to us which we manage on their behalf, we may also use other methods of collection as deemed appropriate at the time of collecting the information.

6. Dealing with Unsolicited Personal Information

Where we have come into possession of unsolicited personal information we will manage that information as required by law. If we reasonably believe the intention for that personal information was for it to be added to our personal information database then we shall handle the information as if it was collected via a solicited means. In all other cases we shall destroy, dispose of or de-identify the personal information within a reasonable timeframe where permissible by commonwealth law.

7. Notification of Collection

When we collect personal information from you we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that you are notified and aware of the collection of that information either before, during or after the collection of personal information has occurred. This notification may be via a message displayed on our website, an electronic communication method such as email or non-electronic communication method such as a letter.

The notification shall make reasonable efforts to include the reason and method for collection if that is not apparent at the time of the notification, whether the collection is required or authorised by Commonwealth law, the purpose in which the personal information will be used as well as what would happen if we did not have access to your personal information.

8. Usage and disclosure of personal information

We use personal information collected for the purpose of providing and facilitating products and services to our clients, customers, subscribers and website visitors in accordance with the reason for why the information was originally collected. A non-exhaustive list of the ways personal information could be used for include; digital marketing delivery, print and digital magazine subscription delivery, entrance into competitions, TravelSaver Card delivery and provision of business services.

Personal information provided to us may be disclosed to a third-party provider which we have engaged to provide a service on our behalf. Information provided to our third-party providers will only be used for the provision of products and services that the provider is contracted for. Personal information provided to us or our third-party providers is never sold or distributed to other persons, businesses or companies without your prior written consent.

9. Direct marketing

As we are a marketing agency we may use your information for direct marketing material such as email newsletters, competition notifications and other related material. All of our email marketing is on an opt-in basis and you will not receive marketing communication from us unless you have explicitly requested to receive a particular newsletter or promotion.

Once subscribed to our marketing you can opt-out at any time by following the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of our marketing emails or by contacting our privacy team via email at

10. Cross-border disclosure

Some of our third-party providers may have offices located in overseas locations, when we provide your data to our providers your data may leave Australia for storage, management and distribution. We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that our third-party providers with offices located overseas handle your data in accordance with Commonwealth law and in a similar or identical manner to our privacy policy.

11. Management of government related identifiers

For the purpose of facilitating some aspects of our business it may be required that we collect government related identifiers such as ABN, ACN, drivers licence numbers or other similar types of government related identifiers made up of numbers, letters, symbols or any combination of all three.

When collecting and storing government related identifiers we will never use them as an internal identifier within our organisation and the identifier shall only ever be used for the purpose that it was obtained. We will never disclose government related identifiers except in circumstances where required by law or required in the circumstances.

12. Quality of personal information

We take all reasonable steps to ensure the quality and accuracy of personal data that we hold on file. This is done through active monitoring of our email communication lists and flagging of personal information if an email ‘bounces back’ at the recipient email server. If after 28 days the flagged email address continues to fail or is not amended by the subscriber then the personal information associated with that email address may be removed from our database.

13. Security of personal information

Personal information submitted to via our websites is submitted over transport layer security (TLS) formerly known as secure socket layer (SSL) the transmission of data over these secure connections prevents your data from unauthorised access between your internet enabled device and our website.

Once your data is submitted it is stored on a combination of our server(s) and our our third-party provider’s server(s) where only authorised staff from our company have access to the data for the purpose of providing products and services which you have engaged us to provide. All access to your data is over a TLS connection.

14. Access to personal information

You may access and view the personal information that we hold on your at anytime by contacting our privacy team by emailing There may be times where accessing your personal information is refused due to legal proceedings or other circumstances as permitted under Commonwealth law. An attempt for all all reasonable and lawful requests will be made to provide your personal information when requested.

15. Correction of personal information

Where your personal information has changed or is found to be incorrect you will have up to 28 days from the change of information or the time you noticed the error to notify our privacy team at of the incorrect details and have them amended. Should this personal information not be amended within the specified timeframe your details may be removed from our database.