Queensland’s border restrictions are changing, what does it means for caravanners?

*Update, July 9. Travellers who arrive at the Queensland border within 14 days of departing from Victoria won’t be able to quarantine in Queensland. Details to come.

This applies to all travellers except for Queenslanders who will have access to hotel quarantine, at their own expense.

To quality for entry when the borders ease tomorrow, July 10, local and interstate travellers will need to show their Queensland Border Declaration Pass along with evidence proving they haven’t been in Victoria in the last 14 days.


Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler said the aim of these changes were to protect Queensland from COVID-19 community transmission being experienced in other states.

“These strict measures are about safeguarding Queensland in the midst of a global pandemic,” Chief Superintendent Wheeler said.

“We acknowledge there will be a higher volume of traffic and varying delays when travelling across our border.

“We are asking members of the public to work with us and have their declaration pass, any necessary proof or documentation ready and above all, to be patient when crossing the border.

The Queensland Entry Declarations is now ready for travellers entering after Friday, July 10 noon here https://www.qld.gov.au/border-pass.



Police controlled vehicle checkpoints:
Griffith Street and Stuart Street
Gold Coast Highway and Coolangatta Road
M1 northbound at Stewarts Road
Nerang Murwillumbah Road, Natural Bridge will have a QPS controlled border pass system between 7am to 7pm each day and 24-hour access to emergency vehicles
Miles Street will be restricted access to local border residents only

Hard closures:
Boundary Street and Clarke Street
Dixon Street and Bay Street
Dixon Street and Florence Street
Leeward Terrace and Tooloon Street
Kent Street near Murraba Crescent
Tomewin Mountain Road, Currumbin Valley



Queensland shares its borders with three other territories and states with most crossings shared between NSW. 

The Queensland Border Declaration Pass is a print-at-home pass and needs to be completed prior to completion, for  dashboard display.

“The travelling community has been exceptional and they have been really understanding about what we’ve tried to achieve.

“So we would like to make it [the process] as familiar as possible,” said Gold Coast District Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler on Thursday.



Currently, police are manning checkpoints at three Qld-NSW crossings: The M1, Gold Coast Highway and Griffith St.

Locals with relevant passes can cross at four additional sites, with the remaining border crossings between NSW and Queensland barricaded.

Drivers passing through unmanned local sites will now be subject to random checks. 

“Our capacity [to police the borders and conduct ur daily policing activities] is good at the moment,” said Superintendent Wheeler on Thursday.

In fact, access into Queensland’s borders will likely increase.

“We are reviewing all the hard closures that we have on the Gold Coast,” said Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski  on Friday.

Queensland Border Declaration Pass


The Queensland Police Service urges travellers to complete the Border Declaration Pass prior to travel.

“Remain patient, plan your trips accordingly [and] allow extra time,” said Chief Superintendent Wheeler.

“Understand that our scrutiny of people coming through our border checkpoints is there to ensure the health and safety of Queenslanders and also indeed visitors to our state,” he said.