RACV calling for feedback on Victorian Country roads

Have you ever encountered livestock while driving through regional Victoria? Had poorly-placed signs obscure your view? Or hit a soft corner that’s caught you off guard en-route to camp?

Right now, the Royal Automotive Club of Victoria (RACV) seeks feedback on some of rural Victoria’s most notorious roads.


RACV mapped five years worth of data on the My Country Road survey, highlighting 169 high risk roads. 

Here, caravanners and locals can key-in their experiences travelling these roads on the interactive map ticking recommendations on the form.

Travellers can also pinpoint sites of interest.  


In the past five years more than half the deaths on Victoria roads occurred on regional roads–despite only a quarter of the population living in these regions.

But the risks aren’t always easily attributable, with injuries and deaths sadly sometimes occurring on straight stretches of road. RACV hopes the survey will shed light on this matter. 

“The survey provides an opportunity for RACV to shine a light on the complexity of addressing road safety in regional Victoria,” says Peter Kartsidmina, senior manager transport for RACV. 

“Once the data is collated, the next step is for RACV to advocate on the behalf of motorists to ensure Victoria’s regional roads are safe for everyone.”