Our GoPro goes wherever the flamingo blows

When filming for the What’s Up Downunder TV Show it’s not always as glamorous as one would think.

The conditions are not always the most comfortable and the days can be very long, so we keep our spirits up in various ways. This image represents one of those times.

Flamingo fun with the What's Up Downunder team. When a lost GoPro caused grief mid-way through a 16 hour shift, Head of Production Tom new just exactly what was required to lift spirits


Whilst filming in the High Country our camera person didn’t properly attach one of the GoPro cameras to the vehicle so I sent him back down the road to retrieve it.

I knew it would take some time and I remembered I had purchased an item on a previous trip to Cape York which happen to be a Pink Flamingo. (That’s a completely different story which has no relevance so I’ll leave that to your imagination.)

At this point we were halfway through a long day when I said to the remaining group that it was time to bring out the Pink Flamingo, which was met with puzzled looks and raised eyebrows.

So out of the Rambox on our Ram 1500 Laramie came a small package and everyone started wondering why we would have that on our equipment list.


Now this thing had to be inflated so I started blowing, and blowing, and blowing, determined to have it inflated before our camera person returned with the $800 GoPro [not to mention *the footage within it*].

Persistence paid off and after a couple fainting spells we had a new crew member, the What’s Up Downunder Pink Flamingo.


We were in the High Country but there was still a little traffic on the main road so I went up with my radio in hand, waved at a few passers by, got a few honks and several laughs from the crew.

I have wondered what the other drivers on the highway thought but we’ll never know.

When the camera person returned triumphantly with the GoPro, he took this picture which captured the day’s mood. — Tom Kaliamos, Head of Production.