Committee invites tourism’s input on Bruce Highway upgrades 

Amid COVID-19 induced bipartisanship, a state-tourism industry spokesperson will sit with State Queensland politicians across the spectrum on the Bruce Highway Trust Advisory Committee.

Daniel Gschwind, Chief Executive for the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, was invited to join the newly-formed committee days after the Federal and Queensland State governments pledged funds for new and fast-tracked roadworks state-wide.

“The Bruce Highway is a major connection for the community,” says Daniel.

“It’s great it’s receiving the attention that it should. At close to 1700km, it’s a major piece of infrastructure,” Daniel explains.

Burdekin River


Daniel says roads are vital for local and intrastate holidaymakers.

“We need to have good roads and safe roads for those travelling with their caravans or with their motorhomes,” Daniel explains.

The Bruce Highway Trust Committee will provide the Queensland Tourism Industry greater input into the 1.2 billion dollar Bruce Highway Upgrade Program established in 2013.

“It is important that public infrastructure is done in a cohesive way, so that the road infrastructure fits within an economic plan.”

Daniel says assets like attractions, accommodation and national parks fit in the overall picture.

“It’s important the funding goes into areas that will create the greatest impact,” he says.