Travel pause on G’Day Reward Cards membership

To support grounded travellers, Top Parks has time-frozen all G’DAY Reward Card memberships while the nation manages the threat of COVID-19.

The ‘hold’ will allow 150,000+ card carrying holidaymakers to enjoy their memberships in full once it is safer to do so when the travel bans are lifted. 

Prior to the ban, all G’DAY Reward Card members were eligible to receive a discount on accommodation at 300+ affiliated caravan parks Australia-wide.

Card holders can still enjoy exclusive prizes and loyalty discounts with affiliated businesses.


To ensure campers’ favourite holiday haunts ride the crisis, the teams at Top Parks is helping affected businesses navigate logistical challenges.

“We’ve helped them identify who to talk to and the language around what to say; many have been very successful [in renegotiating terms on their mortgages and leases],” says Michelle Hanson, Top Parks spokesperson.

Some businesses, says Michelle, are better protected than others, particularly those with permanent residents.

Michelle urges grounded travellers to appraise their bucket lists, reach out to caravan parks and continue with their forward planning. 

Top Parks Membership frozen

ABOVE: Junee Tourist Park, one of the 300+ member parks where G’DAY Reward Member Card discounts apply. 



In the mean-time, The Group has also helped essential travellers find safe harbour.

“So far, I’ve helped more than 75 travellers bunker down or get home,” Michelle explains.

“It’s just a complete fear of the unknown, people don’t know what’s happening day to day,” she explains. 

She says the G’DAY network has worked amazingly together.

Not only in supporting the travelling community but each other (fellow affiliated parks). Some parks had chosen to remain open to assist essential travellers within the Government framework and restrictions. 

“We had one caravan park owner who is over 70 with health complications who chose to close, that is something we understand completely.” Michelle explains.