NRMA Darlington Beach Holiday Resort

Rebeca wasn’t sure whether NRMA Darlington Beach Holiday Resort’s new water park would be ready for the September holidays. 

“The crew couldn’t cross as they were all from Queensland but in the endbut they really sacrificed for us and did quarantine just to get it done.”

Crew erected three slides, a tipping bucket and wading pools in three weeks, alongside local landscapers operating cranes.

The final stage preceded more than a year of preparation which included planning approval, shifting the jumping pillow, site preparation and plumbing and spraying the new slab. 

Construction began shortly after the June holidays.

“The concrete took four weeks to cure because it has to hold a lot of waterit was so thick,” says Rebecca.

NRMA Darlington Beach Holiday Resort new water park


NRMA spearheaded the project but on-site managers Rebecca and Glen placed their own stamp, with Glen installing pergolas and huts so families could relax in view of the facilities.

“There are huts out there and locally hand-crafted wooden tables. Glen laid a beautiful sandstone edge for seating. It’s a big highlight.”

NRMA initially planned for opening celebrations but government restrictions scuttled the idea. This mattered little to the slew of anxious kids waiting for the fences to fall.

“The kids love it.”



The water park is the latest at the 110-acre park adjacent Darlington Beach. Guests here have access to a low-fee 9-hole golf course and a bowling green.

“We also do supervised archery and provide daily kids activities every morning, all year round,” Rebecca explains.

By and large, the new addition hasn’t really changed the way guests move around the park. 

Rebecca and Glen moved the jumping pillow digging up four campsites near the water park: “That happened very quickly. It was only a matter of weeks.”

In fact, it was important to keep the facilities together, with NRMA planning to further expand this play precinct. 

Watch this space.